ToR+Saksit has been awarded the inaugural “Artist That Matters 2017”Award

29 Sep 2017


BEC Tero Entertainment are proud to announce that our artist, ToR+Saksit has been awarded the inaugural “Artist That Matters 2017”Award, at Music Matters, in Singapore.
Music Matters, is Asia Pacific’s largest entertainment business B2B2Fan festival and this year, organisers Branded were extremely excited to be able to work with Apple Music, who joined the event to show support for local Asian and international music and the industry that makes it possible. From 1st September 2017, music fans were able to access exclusive playlists curated by Music Matters
Live on Apple Music.
To quote Branded CEO & Music Matters President, Jasper Donat:
“All of the team at Music Matters congratulate ToR+ Saksit on winning the first ever, “Artist That Matters 2017” Award. With almost 40 other artists performing at the festival, it was a hard task for the Apple Music Editors to select only one winner. He is an amazing talent and we wish him and his team, the very best for the future”.
In response, BEC Tero Deputy Managing Director, Neil Thompson made the following statement.
“On behalf of BEC Tero Entertainment and our very talented artist, ToR+ Saksit, may I say how proud and honoured we are to receive the inaugural “Artist That Matters 2017” Award from our great friends at Apple Music and Music Matters. This Award is testament to the commitment and dedication that ToR+ applies to his Entertainment career on the global stage”.
ToR+ has recently released a duet “Waiting For Love”( Mandarin dialect ) with Sony Music artist  oshua Jin, in China/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Singapore & Malaysia and now has a solo single “
Promised Journey” released in all above territories, with Sony Music.
He has also recently recorded a duet entitled “Falling Into You”, with Ivory Music Philippines artist Maja Salvador.
The duet, recorded in English, will be released to coincide with Valentines Day February 2018.
Listen to ToR+ Saskit here Tor+ SAKSIT Apple Music You can find Music Matters official playlists here

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