Tor Saksit shares sweet moment on beach with Noona Nuengtida in new music video “Prakotkan”

18 Jan 2017


Singer Tor Saksit showcases his acting skills in the music video for his new single ”Prakotkan” (Phenomenon). This is the first time that Tor has starred in his own music video, and he invited Noona Nuengtida, his co-star in his “Lom Hai Jai:The Musical” to join him. Despite the strong sun and heat, the two showed fantastic on-screen chemistry. They looked like a real loving couple that anyone would be envious of.     

“Prakotkan” is a ballad that compares love to a natural phenomenon that starts from a simple good feeling and develops into a complex, beautiful emotion that cannot be explained scientifically. The song portrays love as an amazing gift given to the world. The lyrics were written by Po Posayanukul who also wrote Tor’s earlier single “Sak Wan Kong Dai Joe.” The melody was composed by Tor himself. He wrote it on an acoustic guitar instead of his usual piano as Charles Fisher, the renowned Australian producer who supervised production, wanted him to try something different.

The response to the “Prakotkan” music video was overwhelming and after one day’s release was the #2 video on youtube. The music video also became available on ToR+ Saksit Vejsupaporn’s facebook page and LINE TV on 16 January 2017.

“Prakotkan” can be heard on radio, on music streaming services including Apple Music and JOOX, and can be downloaded at the iTunes Store and Qikplay. 


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