“Tor+ Saksit invites Eye Kamonnet and Vaan Ratchu to star the leading roles in the short film MV for his new singe Sak Wan Khong Dai Choe”

28 Oct 2016


Tor+ Saksit returns as the romantic singer he is known for. This time, he is introducing his latest single, “Sak Wan Khong Dai Choe” through a new short film accompanying the release. The short film was teased earlier to fans creating a bit of mystery as to which artist released this. For this short film music video, Tor+ was able to call on two upcoming Thai stars to help showcase the romantic feeling from his current single in the music video. Both “Eye” and “Vaan” plays two strangers brought together thru a diary written by the female lead. The video showcases a yearning from both leads to find love and teasers the viewers as their story unfolds. How will it end of our romantic couple? Will they end up meeting? We won’t spoil it, but rather invite you to check it out yourselves.

“Sak Wan Khong Dai Choe” was written and co-produced by Po Posayanukul, and renowned Australian producer Charles Fisher who has created a memorable and unique song.

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