“Tor+ Saksit thrills his fans with valentine's day "Surprise Love' event.!

5 Aug 2016


Tor+ Saksit offers never ending sweetness during this year’s Valentines celebration by inviting his fans to come and announce their feelings of love in Tor+ exclusive “Surprise Love” event by BEC-Tero Music at EmQuartier Parc.

 With a full list of songs performed during the event, Tor+ filled the event space with sounds of love from his hit singles such as, ‘Fak Ma Kap Duangdao”, “Rak Thoe” and closing out the show with “Rak Ching Ching”. With the help of his fans singing along helped create an unforgettable experience not only among the attendees but also other people within EmQuartier shopping center.

 Tor+ didn’t end the special day with just a live performance, exclusive fans were able to take candid photos for a special postcard with Tor+ as well.

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