Saksit Vejsupaporn, or ToR+, was influenced by music from a very early age. His father, Nakorn Vejsupaporn, was a prominent figure from the renowned ‘80s Thai pop band Grand Ex, so ToR+ Saksit was no stranger to the Thai music industry.

          ToR+ started playing piano at the age of three and through the years, his expertise at the keys caught the attention of world-renowned pianist Richard Clayderman, who invited ToR+ to join him on stage when Clayderman played a concert in Bangkok. His star started to shine from that point on, making an impression with various Thai producers, including Boyd Kosiyabong, producer-songwriter and founder of the indie music record label Bakery Music.

          Boyd asked ToR+ to join his music project called B5 along with four other promising young artists. Under B5, ToR+ released his debut album Event. Over the years, B5 became very popular, releasing numerous albums until ToR+ was ready to branch out as a solo artist.

          “During my break, Mr. Neil Thompson, Deputy Managing Director of BEC-TERO, kept checking on my wellness constantly. I told him I was stressed and didn't think I wanted to go back and work the same way I did before. I needed to change. I needed someone who could be with me, walk with me and work with me. Mr. Neil understood my struggles and advised me to see Po.”

          His official solo debut album called ToR+ Living in C Major was released in 2007 and was an immediate hit. Leading the success of the album was the smash hit single “Rak Thur”.


ToR+ won the Thailand Favorite Artist Award at the MTV Asia Awards held in Genting, Malaysia. With his momentum in full swing, ToR+ continued the charge with his second studio album ToR+ Munk? to great success.


ToR+ started learning Chinese to develop his language skills in order to work with Sony Music Taiwan.


ToR+ continued to release more albums including the instrumental album Piano & I Part III: Yesterday & Everyday, and Where Is Love?

          From a young boy playing the piano with Richard Clayderman, to a seasoned pianist and singer-songwriter, ToR+ is an inspirational music icon for young artists all over Thailand. With his clean-cut image and humble personality, he has been able to win the hearts of many fans, diverse in age and gender, throughout his career.

          ToR+ has now been in the music industry for over 12 years. ToR+ has released nine albums to date: his debut with B5 plus four instrumental albums and four vocal albums. After being away from the spotlight for over two years since his last album Add9 (2013), ToR+ is back with a brand new album.


          The second single, “Rak Ching Ching”, was released in early 2016. The upbeat single was different from any of his previous releases and caught the attention of his fans. The third single, “Sak Wan Khong Dai Choe” was a soft, melodic song highly anticipated by Tor+ fans due to the pre-release of its unique short-story music video.

          Internationally, ToR+ was invited to perform at The 11th KKBox Music Awards in Taiwan. He also performed “Fark Ma Kab Duang Dao” adapted with Chinese lyrics, much to the delight of his many Taiwanese fans. ToR+ was also a guest at the Kamen Rider Girls Mini Concert in Bangkok in July 2016. The concert also featured “Just You and Me”, a song they collaborated on together which ToR+ composed as the Kamen Rider theme song.

          Adding another string to his bow, ToR+ has recently been invited to participate in a stage musical called Lom Hai Chai: The Musical. He plays the lead actor’s friend in a role that also allows him to showcase his talent as a pianist.


2007 Virgin Hitz Awards

• Most Popular Male Artist

• ‘Love You’ Most Popular Song of the year

• ‘Love You’ Most Download Song of the Year

2007 Seventeen Awards

• Teen Choice Music Male Artist

OK Magazine Awards

• Male Media Darling Awards

2007 Star Entertainment Awards

• ‘Love You’ Most Popular Song of the Year

2007 Seed Awards

• Best Male of the Year

2007 Nine Entertain Awards

• ‘Love You’ Song of the Year

MTV Asia Awards 2008

• Favourite Artist Thailand

2008 Seventeen Awards

• Teen Choice Music Male Artist

Seed Awards 2009

• Producer of the Year (Munk?)

          In early 2015, ToR+ flew to Australia to work with Charles Fisher, the Australian producer who has worked with Savage Garden amongst many other successful artists. With Fisher’s help, fans got a more mature look and sound while keeping the playfulness and essence of ToR+. The album’s first single “Fark Ma Kab Duang Dao” was a piece of contemporary pop with a slightly heavier feel than most of his previous songs.

          “When we were working in Australia, Po (Po Posayanukul, a producer-songwriter who's been behind the success of many artists including Slot Machine, 60 Miles and Better Weather, and is also credited as an important part of Bodyslam’s past successes) suggested using more synthesizer than piano on the song. I liked the idea, so I played it to Charles and he loved it. He felt it was the perfect song to open the album.

          “Later we changed a little bit of this and arranged a little bit of that and it evolved into a very catchy and unique sounding song. It sounded fun to me and I had the feeling it might be even better played live.”